I love Jubilee Community Church.

I love our friendships, our worship, and our initiatives. I love the fact that when people visit us as a community they speak so highly of us. I love the fact that there are some things which we seem to be especially good at as a local church. However, I also love that we are part of a wider family and a bigger picture. One of the ways that we engage with that wider family is through our relationship with Newfrontiers through Newground.

This November we have the opportunity to bless our Newground family as we host the Connect Conference here in East Grinstead. One of our strengths is that we impact every generation in our community, but we also recognise the power of targeting a specific generation with tailored events. We are blessed with a crowd of people in their 20s and 30s but this is not the norm in UK churches. In fact more people in these age ranges are leaving the British church than ever before. We need to equip, empower and encourage our 20s and 30s and those across our churches as they seek to reach their generation with the gospel. This is the aim of the Connect Conference (23rd-25th November).

As you know I am not in that generation. However, I want to serve that generation. It would be easy for me to think of that weekend as a weekend off, or even to get a bit grumpy that I am not going to be able to gather on that Sunday morning as I usually would. I want to resist those temptations. I want to commit myself to serving that weekend as much as I am able and as a leadership team we would like to invite every member of Jubilee to serve with us.

We are expecting between 300 and 400 delegates at the conference and we want to make sure that they have a life changing time with God. Whatever your age, stage, availability or gift mix there will be a way for you to serve, from intercessory prayer to cleaning toilet, from parking cars to prophetic ministry.

Our vision is to see more people, more like Jesus in our neighbourhood, our nation and the nations. The connect conference gives us an amazing opportunity to see this vision advanced in this key generation.

If you would like to find out more about serving on Connect please email Jed Cowley now on Jed@jcceg.co.uk