Our series on the DNA of JCC ended in ‘Community.’ We have a loving community at our church.

Several years ago while volunteering for a local charity, I learned about the elephant in the room. This is someone who is different to us for various reasons and should not be ignored. We were encouraged to acknowledge and talk to the elderly, the infirm, those who had a disability or those who looked different to us and more; the ones that can easily be overlooked.

As I was aware of this, I made a point to speak to new people, as have others; the old person sitting alone or that one standing on the side. As an example, at a conference of 500 people, I observed a young woman lying on a mattress on the side of the hall. I greeted her and learned she had M.E., a debilitating illness. I was blessed to have prayed for her after our short conversation. At the end of the conference, there was a word of knowledge and it was for her. After more prayer, she was wonderfully healed. Jesus had seen her.

It is so much easier to meet with our friends, our community group, people who are similar to us and get into conversations with them when we gather. However, as a loving community, let’s keep an eye out for the person who is different to us and those who seem on the edge. Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. Let’s acknowledge people the way Jesus did.


by a member of JCC

Added note from Dan Baptist:

We want to love like Jesus. Why not find someone today who is different from yourself, left out, or not who you would normally spend time with and engage in a meaningful conversation. Look to bless, listen and encourage them.