Day 35 of 40 days of devotion

Written by an anonymous blogger

My devotion is involving God more in my marriage.

A week in and my husband and I had a massive argument, he unkindly told me what I needed to hear. I knew it was the truth as he never lies. I worked through the upset, knowing God loves me as I am and my husband loves me to.

God used those unkind words to help me change the very behaviour that I was focusing on in my devotion.

I knew that how I regularly spoke to my husband was unkind, but I would justify why I felt like that. God clearly showed me how to change my thinking. So rather than mouthing off, I now think how lucky I am. My husband still leaves jobs half done and doesn’t see what needs doing, but God helps me remember our life for each other and I ask God to help me keep quiet and just get on.
God so answered my prayers for my devotion, not in the nice gentle way I had planned but in a hard hitting way that I had to listen to. Thank you God, may I continue to increase the time I spend with you.

May we all remember the plank in our eye.

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