Day 1 of 40 days of devotion

Written by Simon Elliott

Why have 40 days of devotion? Is it just a gimmick? Are we just jumping on the bandwagon of the revival of Lent in the 21st century church? I hope not. However, even if we were, I have no doubt these 40 days could do us immeasurable good as individuals and as a community. To set aside 40 days to be intentional about our walk with God. In the midst of our increasingly busy lives how much good it will do us to fix our eyes on Jesus each day. To seek him in our workplace and in his Word. To go on being filled with the Holy Spirit and to seek that still small voice in the hustle and bustle of life. To mix the mundane with the miraculous and deliberately open our eyes, our ears and our hearts to kingdom opportunities in everyday life. I am looking forward to a new adventure with God with my family and with my friends. I am inquisitive as to what God might do over these 40 days as I seek to make more room for his grace. How might God change me in this season? But most importantly of all how might God use my personal and corporate encounters to transform my neighbourhood, my nation and the nations.

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