How to Bring a Contribution to the JCC Sunday Service – a few tips


1 Cor 14:26: ‘When you meet together, one will sing worship songs, another will teach, another will tell some special revelation God has given, one will speak in tongues, and another will interpret what is said. But everything that is done must strengthen all of you.’


Your palms are sweating; your heart beats a little faster. You consider the voice in your head or the bible in your hand – and you ask yourself – is this a contribution I should bring? Then starts the long walk to the hosts at the front to explain what you have to share. I’ve been there. It took me years to get the courage to share publicly, and I still get nervous.

Here are a few pointers that will help you to prepare, deliver and be encouraged to contribute to a Sunday service.


  1. Well done for seeking to hear from God and exercising faith to contribute. Whether your contribution is used or not, you have already pleased God with obedience.
  2. Are you a member of JCC? This helps the elders and pastoral team know that you are a member accountable in your Christian walk and witness.
  3. Is your contribution based on a bible passage(s) or consistent with the pattern of scripture?
  4. Is the contribution lining up with the theme and flow of the meeting – the sermon, the worship, and other contributions?
  5. Is this something God is showing just me or is this to encourage the whole church?
  6. Is the timing right? Is this a ‘NOW’ contribution for this day, this service?
  7. Is my heart attitude one of THANKS – True, Helpful, Authentic, Natural, Kind, Sincere


Sharing with the Sunday hosts

Your Sunday hosts have a challenge – to listen to the service, God and you simultaneously!

They are there to MC the service so the worship, preaching and ministry flow under the direction of the Holy Spirit and to discern the timing and weight of body contributions.

Their role is to partner with you in understanding and weighing what God has said to you, to glean the ‘gems’ and to help these to be shared at the right time and in the right way.

  1. When you share your scripture/picture/testimony/song… with the hosts, it is helpful to summarise the ‘so what’ first i.e. I think God is asking us to believe, receive or do this.
  2. The hosts may ask if there is one particular scripture or part of your story/picture that the Spirit is highlighting or focusing on. What is the ‘nugget’ of what the Spirit is saying?
  3. God often repeats himself by saying similar things through diverse channels and people – preaching, songs and contributions. Don’t be offended if the hosts summarise or consider for later in the service what you have to say.


In the moment
  1. If possible, write it down some notes on a phone/tablet/piece of paper.
  2. While you wait … in your head, rehearse the first 60 seconds in your head to start well.
  3. It’s your turn…Take a deep breath. Pause for a brief moment. This allows the congregation to give you their attention and anticipate what you will say.
  4. Keep it concise. Don’t talk so much that the nugget of God is lost in a long explanation.
  5. Say what God gives you to say, but not lots more. It’s tempting to add on or ad-lib with the mike in your hands but trust God (and the hosts) to help interpret what you say/see.


  1. Seek feedback from the hosts, elders or a trusted friend – what I shared was helpful, how did I come across, and what did you take as the main emphasis?
  2. Sometimes we just run out of time. It is not a reflection of your contribution.
  3. If I’m told no, then what? Write it down to share in the connect box. Seek out an individual to encourage, share with Matt for the small group update, and try again.

19. Practice bringing and weighing contributions in your small groups or prayer meeting



by Laurence Evans