On the 28th October, the wonderful ‘Blaze’ team hosted yet another successful ‘Fun-day’ packed out with one hundred children. The building was transformed into Noah’s Ark, and the children stepped into the foyer, which had been decorated with a colourful Noah’s Ark backdrop, balloons and all sorts of animals draping above and below the staircase. It was a sight to behold.

The day kickedIMG_0014 off with the children splitting into teams to create their team chants, which they would use throughout the day to cheer each other on. The children stayed all together in the main hall for the first round of challenges where they played ‘spot the animals that have gone loose’, ‘I spy screen test’ and ‘Water-Relays’. IMG_0021



After a well needed break for some drinks and biscuits, the teams split off for a range of exciting activities. Downstairs housed the assault course, magnet making, cake and biscuit decorating, and other active games. Where-as upstairs was home to the ‘Animazing’ man who surprised the children with live animals, including a very big fluffy rabbit, and a very creepy tarantula, which most of the children were less scared of than me. They even got to hold a colourful lizard; this was a highlight of the day for many of the children.

When all the teams had taken part in all the activities, it was time for lunch! This was a chance for them to regain their energy for all the exciting things lined up for the afternoon. After Lunch we all went upstairs for some praise and worship, which the children absolutely loved! It was great to see so many children in one room dancing and singing together. Callum then shared the gospel through telling them the story of Noah, and his adventure with God, which all the kids listened to beautifully.

We ended the day by handing out prizes, medals and rewards to the top team although all teams did exceptionally well. Overall we had a great day and had lots of brilliant feedback from both parents and children alike.

We are so excited for the Fun day next year!


Blog by Georgia Jones.