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We hope you are enjoying the Devoted series that we are travelling through together this term. Remember this is a journey taken in step with the Holy Spirit, not a time to leave the Spirit behind and just try harder. Our heart as a leadership team is that we discover together how devoted the Father is towards us and that the fresh revelation he brings to us propels us into fresh devotion ourselves.

Acts 2:42-47 is a glorious snapshot of the early church. It is not the whole story, but in these verses Luke captures the essence of the church and the impact their devotion had on their neighbourhood, their nation and ultimately the nations. It was their devotion to the truth about Christ, to one another, to prayer and to the breaking of bread which bridged the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts 1 to the ongoing revival of Acts 3-28. In 30 years the early church saw the truth of Christ spread across the known world.

Here at Jubilee we carry the same great commission, the same truth about Christ, the same promise of the Holy Spirit. We also carry the promises of personal and corporate prophetic words. Our heart is for revival and revolution in our neighbourhood, our nation and the nations. A revival where God transforms our hearts afresh and where his love breaks in to the hearts and lives of our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. A revolution whereby the transforming of individuals brings a transformation of our society. We long to see a society where the lonely are brought into community, where justice and truth prevail, where broken relationships are restored by grace and forgiveness.

How might we play our part in this adventure?

Jubilees 40 days of devotion gives us an opportunity to take some risks together with God. What if I really devoted myself to the Word, to my church community, to prayer and to the transforming power of the cross? What if I were to step out in prayer and the prophetic? What if I were to be sacrificial in my serving and my generosity towards others in both my giving and my forgiving? How often are we prompted by the Holy Spirit to make changes and yet with a lifetime ahead the cost just seems too high?

What if I made that change for 40 days and saw what happened? What stories might we get to tell? What might GOD do amongst us if 10 or us, 20 of us, 50 of us devoted ourselves for 40 days?
For some of us it will mean starting new disciplines that will impact our time or our money. Actually doing something we may have thought about or talked about, but never got around to implementing in our lives. For others we may have been “doing” stuff for months or years, but we have lost sight of the vision behind those actions. We may have become a bit religious and lost the joy of devoting our time and resource to God and his church. Most of us will be a mix of the two.

Wherever you are right now in your personal journey with God how about joining with the Jubilee community and travelling together in devotion for 40 days?

40 Days of Devotion Monday 19th February to Friday 30th March