Fear. We all fear something. Fear of speaking in front of a crowd, fear of missing out (a.k.a. FOMO), fear of heights (for me roller coasters are no-no!), rejection, the list goes on. It can have so much control in our lives and it can stop us from stepping out and trusting the Creator of the universe and His purposes.

So for the 40 days, I have been reading and reflecting on a daily devotional called Fearless, recommended to me by someone who is pretty fearless themselves in a lot of ways. It has made me realise how any fears I have, but as I am bringing them before God, He’s beginning to help me see the root of these.

One prominent fear I have is of the unknown, the future. Even though God has been guiding me and reassuring me over the years, it is still scary because it means blindly trusting in Him. All I can do is get ready and prepare for the next phase of life after Impact, whatever it may be!

I am far from living fearless. It will be a journey that will take longer than 40 days, probably most of my life, but this, most certainly, is a start.


Rebecca Reay