The Pleasures of God- John Piper (Part 1)

So far I have read about half of this book and wow what a book. It is not something that can be rushed but something to read and re-read, chew over and go for a long walk to further contemplate. So far I am up to chapter 4 (yes including the acknowledgments, preface and introduction, sometimes this is where the best nuggets are found so if you are not a reader of these I implore you to start) this book goes deep, and then deeper still, into the very nature of who God is and what pleases God. But if the idea of reading this book, or any kind of book at all, is daunting to you it is also available in audio book. I often will listen alongside the physical book which helps me to really take in all that is said without my mind wandering in every direction.

The book is written by John Piper who is known world wide for his many (and when I say many I mean MANY) published books, articles and sermons. He is a very clever man whose heart, from all that I have read by him, is absolutely captivated by God (go to for basically everything that John piper has ever published).

In these first chapters John Piper tells us how the book was born and then explores God’s pleasure in His son, all He does, His creation and His fame. The book is written based on the truth that “the worth and excellency of a soul is to be measured by the object of his love” (Henry Scougal, Life of God in the Soul of Man) and applies this to God. To know God more deeply we must know what pleases God, what He loves and dotes after. John Piper explains it in this way ‘If the excellence of God could be admired in His pleasures, and if we tend to conform to what we admire, then focusing on the pleasures of God could help me be conformed to God’.

When I have finished the book I will write again to share more on this and (hopefully) something of the whole picture that this book is trying to paint but for now pick up your own copy, which can be ordered through the JCC bookshop by contacting the office (or download as an audio book) and explore for yourselves ‘The Pleasures of God’.

Blog written by Ash Kauffman