JCC is a part of Welcome Churches


Refugee Sunday- Beyond the Welcome,
JCC is a part of Welcome Churches. Here is a short video explaining what they do and some testimonies. If you'd like to find out more you can click the link below.

Posted by Jubilee Community Church on Monday, 20 June 2022



Who are Welcome Churches?

Welcome Churches are a national charity that was founded in 2018, after growing out of a local project in Derby. Welcome Churches’ vision is to see every refugee welcomed by the local church.

What do we do?

We operate the Welcome Network, a network of over 1000 churches of all denominations across the UK that are ready to offer a welcome to refugees and people seeking asylum in their area. This means that as refugees and asylum seekers move around the UK, they can easily be connected with a church to welcome them into the community.

Our flagship project is Welcome Boxes which is a step beyond being part of the Welcome Network. Trained volunteers deliver a box filled with small gifts and local information to refugees who have recently arrived in their area and give a warm welcome to them. Volunteers continue to welcome the family or individual over the next three months or so, helping them access support available to them and helping them to settle into their new community.

What is our impact?

The majority of refugees have experienced severe trauma, loss and distress before reaching the UK. It is vital that when they arrive at their new safe home, they are welcomed with love and care. However, sadly this is not the case for many. Often extremely isolated and unsure of how to access help, refugees experience even more difficulties and distress, hampering their efforts to begin rebuilding their lives.

Welcome Churches provide training, support and resources to enable churches to offer a culturally-sensitive, trauma-aware welcome to thousands of refugees. This includes Afghans living in ‘bridging hotels’, newly-arriving Ukrainian families, as well as refugees from many other nations. Being welcomed into a community, finding friendship and connecting into a new culture are essential for refugees looking to start a new life.

Why Welcome Churches?

The local Church has a reach and capacity that other organisations do not have. In every town and city, the Church has buildings, activities, services and volunteers that can help refugees rebuild their lives in a new community. Your church is a ready-made community where refugees of all different nationalities can find family. Churches are often at the heart of local communities; they can introduce refugees to local people, help them to learn English and to develop their skills. Churches can enable refugees to contribute to the local community and integrate more effectively. A Welcome is not just a one-off act of greeting, it is bringing someone into your life, your community, your church to offer care, hospitality and love. It tells someone, you belong here, you’re safe here.

This Refugee Week, thank you for joining with Welcome Churches and helping to support refugees Beyond the Welcome.