We have the great privilege of being a growing church community.

God is adding to our number and working on our character. We love the fact that we are growing in number and maturity, but we are also aware that sometimes people can get lost in a crowd. Our community groups are vital in ensuring that this doesn’t happen. It is far easier to get to know a group of 12 people than a church of 350, therefore we encourage everyone at JCC to connect with a community group.

As well as helping people find their place in the church family, community groups provide the foundation for our pastoral care and for our discipleship. We believe that we are called to love one another and to grow up in God together. Community groups help us do both these things. It is in our community group that we can apply the Word of God in an accountable setting and it is in our community group that we can most effectively love one another through prayer, encouragement and practical support.

As a charismatic community, we believe that God longs to do all he has done in the past, in the present! Community groups provide a great environment to go on a missional adventure together as we grow in our understanding and application of spiritual gifts.

If you would like to join a group, please email dan@jcceg.co.uk or complete a connect form on Sunday morning. Alternatively, call the office on 01342 328334. Why not download our recent Small Group Booklet for Autumn 2018, highlighting the current Groups and their details.