Equipping the Saints

According to Ephesians 4 church leadership is primarily about equipping the saints. Enabling people to grow up into the people they were created to be. Here at Jubilee we believe that there is no sacred secular divide. Who I am in the workplace on a Monday is as important as who I am on a Sunday morning in church. Therefore, we do not just want to equip people to grow up in the “Spiritual” aspects of life, we want to see people equipped for the realities of daily life.

Consequently we want to make sure that there are times when we look specifically at how biblical truth impacts the nitty gritty of daily life. We try to make sure that all our Sunday teaching is relevant to Monday morning, but we also recognise that it can be helpful to take time to address specific life areas. 

In May 2014 we are going to focus all our midweek activities on equipping tracks. Our aim is to encourage an enable different groups of people to spend the month focusing on a particular area of life that they would like to grow in, from the prophetic to parenting, from missional living to money.

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